AgriPhage – Tomato Canker (CMM)

Decrease Your Dependency on Chemicals and Antibiotics

AgriPhage is a safer, long-term solution to increase yields and eliminate Clavibacter michiganensis pv. michiganensis (CMM).

Tomato Canker (CMM)

Tomato bacterial canker is caused by the bacterial pathogen, Clavibacter michiganensis pv. michiganensis (Cmm).  This pathogen is typically found in tomato greenhouses or in high tunnel grown tomatoes.  Symptoms first show up as yellowing on the leaves and stems progressing to large brown stem lesions before plant death.

AgriPhage CMM can be applied any time of day in fields or greenhouses.  AgriPhage CMM is best used as a preventive treatment.  Regular use will inhibit growth of the pathogen in soils and plants.

In 2005, OmniLytics Inc. received the very first EPA registration for a bacteriophage therapy used to treat common bacterial diseases on Tomatoes and Peppers.  This safe, organic and natural treatment doesn’t display any of the phytotoxic effects on the plant that many of the traditional treatments notoriously cause.  A “softer” bacterial treatment allows the plants to put more of their energy into growing larger sized fruit, and increasing overall yield.  With a 4 hour Re-Entry Interval (REI) and Zero Post Harvest Interval (PHI), you can rest assured that you’re applying a product that’s safe for the environment and for workers.

Product Highlights

How AgriPhage Works

  • ZERO bacterial resistance
  • ZERO harm to beneficial organisms
  • ZERO PHI. 4hr REI.
  • ZERO Phytotoxicity
  • Increases of up to 42% in total yield and 69% in marketable yield
  • Suppresses and controls Tomato Canker in all conditions
  • Integrates into existing IPM programs
  • Can be tank-mixed and rotated with other insecticides and fungicides
  • AgriPhage is the only registered phage bactericide in the US – #1 seller globally
How it Works - AgriPhage Tomato and Pepper