AgriPhage – Citrus Canker

Decrease Your Dependency on Chemicals and Antibiotics

AgriPhage is a safer, long-term solution to increase yields and eliminate Citrus Canker in oranges and grapefruit.

Citrus Canker

Citrus Canker is a highly damaging bacterial disease that can cause premature fruit drop along with spotting and damage to mature fruit rendering it unmarketable.  The causal organism is Xanthomonas citri pv. citri.  AgriPhage should be applied at flush to suppress the severity of the disease and to treat active lesions in young leaves.

AgriPhage is not phytotoxic and will not negatively affect beneficial organisms.

  • Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI) of 0 days. May be applied up to and including the day of harvest.
  • Restricted-Entry Interval (REI) of 4 hours.

Application Instructions

Apply as a preventive to protect the growing leaf tissue, as a preventive when conditions are conducive to heavy disease pressure (all bloom stages), and as a curative when the first disease symptoms are visible.

The optimal application time is immediately prior to new flushes.

Under severe disease conditions and periods of heavy rain, apply immediately after rainfall, and use the higher application rate of 2 quarts of AGRIPHAGE-CITRUS CANKER per acre.

Repeat application weekly or as needed.

Use sufficient spray solution to ensure complete coverage. Avoid excessive amounts of spray solution that result in the runoff.


Product Highlights

  • ZERO bacterial resistance – Ever!
  • ZERO harm to beneficial organisms
  • ZERO PHI. 4hr REI.
  • ZERO Phytotoxicity
  • YIELD increases up to 33% vs. copper
  • Suppresses and controls Citrus Canker in all conditions
  • Integrates into existing IPM programs
  • Can be tank-mixed and rotated with other insecticides and fungicides
  • AgriPhage is the only registered phage bactericide in the US – #1 seller globally

How AgriPhage Works

AgriPhage - HowItWorks - Fire-Blight-and-Citrus