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Find a Natural, Safe, Organic, Eco-Friendly, and Effective Pesticide

Increase your crop yield and eliminate harmful bacteria using AgriPhage™, the first agricultural bactericide based on phage technology.

About AgriPhage™

The AgriPhage™ product line is full of EPA registered biopesticides that prevent and control harmful bacteria on tomato and pepper plants, apple and pear trees, and citrus trees. AgriPhage is available for the control of bacterial spot (XCV), bacterial speck (PST), bacterial canker (CMM), fire blight (EA), and citrus canker (XCC), peach spot (XAP), cherry canker (PSS), almond blast (XAP), and walnut & hazelnut blight (XAJ & XAC).

AgriPhage is extremely selective to the target bacterium and will not adversely affect plants, animals, humans, and even beneficial organisms. AgriPhage will not build up in your soil, won’t damage equipment, and does not tarnish reflective material.

How it Works

AgriPhage is produced from a scientific process designed to isolate and concentrate bacteriophages, obtained from infected farms, streams, ponds, etc. Bacteriophages (phages) are beneficial viruses that only attach and kill specifically targeted bacteria.

Over 4 billion phages are included as the active ingredient in every milliliter of AgriPhage. One phage can destroy a bacterial cell and in the process create up to 100 additional phages that are released into the environment.

Bacteriophages destroy bacteria through a process called “lysis”. Lysing begins the moment a phage comes in contact with a bacterium. Within 30 minutes, the cell is destroyed and the phage’s progeny are released.

Lysing can be described in three basic phases:

  • Adsorption occurs when a phage encounters a bacterium, attaches its tail fibers, and injects its own DNA into the bacteria. This action can begin as soon as you apply AgriPhage.
  • New phage can begin replicating and assembling within the bacterial cell, multiplying at a steady rate.
  • Finally, lysis is complete when the cell bursts and releases about 100 new phages into the environment to repeat the process.

As a result of lysing, AgriPhage actually increases in concentration until the target bacteria is eliminated.

Resistance Work

University plant pathologists estimate that over 90% of bacterial strains are resistant to current copper-based alternatives. Many growers confirm this in their experience with traditional treatments.

Our patented technology along with thousands of plant samples analyzed over a decade from all over the country, allows us to develop a formulation that is effective throughout the US.

Not only do we have data on what bacteria is in your area, but also the different “types” that are most prevalent from season to season and year to year. OmniLytics continually analyzes field and greenhouse samples. Based on the results of the ongoing analysis, we produce an updated formulation that has no “end of life”.

AgriPhage™ Has Been Successfully Treating Crops in North America Since 2005

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